You’ve had enough of tight lipped smiles in front of the camera. 

You’ve decided to invest in invisible braces so you can proudly flash the perfect smile you’ve always been dreaming of.

Clicking to the website, you book your appointment and check the address… and it is a co-working space.

Wait. What?

If the alarm bells haven’t started ringing for you, you should be worried.  

Straightening your teeth requires specialized training to learn how teeth move, how to recognise the alignment of the face and jaw and the corrective treatment needed for different cases. 

Teeth straightening is serious business – serious enough that you should not do it with DIY braces. 

Your invisible braces provider is not taking it seriously if they are promising to straighten your teeth without even visiting a dentist in-person at a proper clinic.

Why You Shouldn’t Get DIY Braces

With DIY braces, you head to the provider’s offices in a co-working space for a consultation and a 3D scan of your teeth.

Often, the person taking your scan is not a trained dentist or nurse. 

They’re employed to do a 3D scan for you, show you a fancy computer model of your teeth, and close you on the sale.

Also, unlike clinics, co-working spaces do not have requirements to keep their environment clean and sterilised. 

You don’t know who has used the tools before you and what they may have! Think of all the germs! 

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DIY putty impression kits are unreliable


putty impression kit

Sometimes, the braces seller even sends you a DIY putty impression kit so you can take an impression of your teeth yourself at home. This means you  

  • Mix your own putty for the impression mould, 
  • Play amateur dentist and take your own impression,
  • Mail the impression back to your provider,
  • Get your invisible braces in the mail, 
  • Without seeing an orthodontist or a dentist in the process..

That’s a recipe for disaster.

Why is this bad? 

Moving teeth isn’t just about getting them into a straight line. Invisible braces also affect your bite and jaw alignment. 

There have been hundreds of complaints from people who have done DIY braces and suffered ruined bites and cuts to their gums

That’s because there’s no dentist monitoring the progress of your treatment and helping to fix any problems as they come up.

DIY braces providers have also received numerous complaints and lawsuits for misrepresenting the effectiveness of DIY invisible braces, the medical issues associated with them and customer satisfaction with these DIY clear aligners.


Why Risk It With DIY Invisible Braces?

With Zenyum, every step of your journey is taken under the supervision of a qualified, local dentist to ensure long-lasting, healthy results.

Why You Should Choose A Provider That Partners With Actual Dentists 

You wouldn’t hire a personal trainer to draw up a training plan for you to hit your fitness goals only to never see him/her again. 

So why would you do that with your teeth?

  • Your clear braces journey will take 3-9 months, so you’ll most likely have questions that only a qualified dentist or orthodontist can answer.
  • He or she can also assess the condition of your teeth at each point and make sure your aligners fit properly to maximise your comfort. 
  • You can also be treated for any problems that come up during your treatment, and get constant feedback on how your teeth are moving!

Most importantly, your 3D scans and consultations will be done at a dental facility that is properly equipped with sterilised equipment – NOT a co-working space. 

But… Why Does A Simple Scan Need So Much Sterilisation???

Clinics in Singapore have strict sterilization procedures for a reason. 

We’re talking multiple rounds – including, a final round of steam sterilisation to remove bacterial spores. That means they need to be equipped to handle all that sterilization in the first place.

So if your invisible braces provider plays with dental scanning equipment out of a co-working space, ask yourself… 

“How and where do they sterilise everything like a proper clinic does??? In the microwave??? Or the hot desk???”

Seriously though.

If your invisible braces seller operates from a co-working space, we have only one word for you:

4 Reasons To Straighten Your Teeth That Have Nothing To Do With An Ego Trip


 Zenyum works with dentists and orthodontists for you to achieve that perfect smile.

Now that will set your mind at ease.