4 types of food you can still enjoy during your Zenyum Smile Journey as a Foodie in Singapore!

16 September 2022

So now that you are on your Zenyum Smile Journey how will you enjoy food???

Do not worry we got all you Singapore foodies’ back – giving you the low-down on what you can still enjoy!

1. Chilli Crab

Let’s start the list off with one of Singapore’s favourite delicacies, our precious Chili Crab! 

Especially for seafood lovers, we know that you’re always on the hunt for the best Chili Crab in town. But it is advised for metal braces users to stay away from any type of food that may break or shift their brackets. I know some of us are guilty of using our teeth to crack open the crab shells even after using the plier-type nutcracker.

We also can never be too sure of tiny shell pieces that may still be in the crabmeat!

2. Bagels

Café hopping for handmade bagels in Singapore is quite a popular activity amongst foodies. But who knew that bagels and other hard rolls were on the list of food to completely avoid while wearing braces. Having metal braces definitely makes you sensitive to the wires, bands, or brackets that may separate from your tooth. Not to mention, the sore teeth make it even harder to bite down on hard food.

Your smile journey with Zenyum will have minimal pain allowing you to continue your love for food!

3. Noodles

Nobody talks about it but OHH the struggle of eating noodles when you have metal braces!

The noodle strands always get stuck in between and along the brackets which is not a nice sight. But you know what’s the best part of having transparent braces – you get to enjoy all types of noodles from pasta to our local Mee Pok.

4. Curry

Last but not least, you can enjoy anything with curry when you’re on your smile journey. Another struggle of metal braces is how you’ll have to be cautious of what may stain the bands on your brackets. Your pretty pink bands can easily turn to a yellowish-green after just one meal.

No Food Restrictions!

Zenyum Invisible Braces is hassle-free since it is removable and also a more affordable teeth straightening solution. You can enjoy all your favourite food without any restrictions and with minimal pain since your teeth won’t be that sore!

Doesn’t that sound like the perfect plan for a foodie looking to straighten their teeth? You don’t have to hold yourself back from achieving your dream smile anymore.

Simply find out if you are suitable for Zenyum by taking our free smile assessment.


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