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With Zenyum app, it reduces the number of times for dental check-up!

As a public figure, invisible braces are perfect for me. I used
to wear the traditional braces before but it didn’t fix my problem
(gap between incisors) Zenyum is extremely useful for
aesthetic purposes and simple dental issues. Also, Zenyum
app helps reduce the number of times for visiting orthodonist!
With hectic schedule, this is the best feature of Zenyum.

Responsive staff

Awesome experience! Staff are very professional and

The user-friendly app

Very lucky to come across a much more affordable way to
achieve my best smile again. With the ‘Zenyum’ app,
everything is so easy with reminders when to change my
aligners and records of my progression. Even when doubts
arise, I was able to chat with professionals at any time through
the application! Super Recommended!!!

The invisible braces and the professional responses from staff

It was great that Zenyum had a designated staff to
follow-up with my case and efficiently arranged a consultation
👩🏻‍⚕️👨🏻‍⚕️Now that I’ve started treatment, the aligners really are
“invisible”, my friends can hardly notice even in a close

Before & After

Before After
Feon G.
Crowding & Spacing
Total Treatment
7 months
Before After
Crowding & Spacing
Total Treatment
7.5 months
Before After
Felicia Chan
Total Treatment
10 months
Before After
Esther C.
Total Treatment
8.5 months

Zenyum Journey with Ding Ding