One More Option for Your Patients
We understand there is a reason that becoming a dentist or orthodontist takes years of study and practice and we very much respect this trade and craft. This is the reason the involvement of Hong Kong Licensed Dentists and Orthodontists in every Zenyum treatment is of utmost importance.

By including Zenyum as an option in your dental practice, you are providing more choices to a new growing patient stream. Help Hong Kong people Smile More with Zenyum - an invisible braces solution that is both effective and affordable.

  • At Zenyum, we believe everyone deserves a confident smile! With thousands of satisfied customers across Asia, we believe that safe and effective treatment requires close involvement of local licensed dentists.
  • Focusing on anterior teeth movement & minimal posterior teeth movement, Zenyum is a conservative and low-risk aligner solution which ensures successful treatment outcome through careful case selection. 
  • Zenyum solution ensures every patient sees a local licensed dentist in person before and during the treatment. Local licensed dentists provides input for design of treatment plan and have full control of every treatment.
  • Along with your expertise, we also provide ongoing patient care to ensure customer satisfaction and treatment goal achievement. Patient happiness is always the top priority of Zenyum.

For Dentists

We are increasing accessibility and choices of dental clinics for patients to visit. While we create attention for Zenyum Invisible Braces, you provide your expertise to treat the patients. Any other dental work which they may require, such as cleaning, wisdom teeth extractions or fillings are fully billable by you!

For Orthodontists

We are looking for more licensed orthodontists to join our growing treatment planning team. Please contact us if you would like to learn more.

For List of Registered Dentists

Under Code of Professional Discipline for the Guidance of Dental Practitioners in Hong Kong, Zenyum allows you to choose freely which Dental Practitioner you want to visit and consult with.
If your preferred dental practice does not offer Zenyum yet, get your dental practice to contact us!